Interveiw Spotlight

Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce

Local Business Spotlight

Company: Hearing Aid Lab aka “Hear More Pay Less”

Hours: Tues, Wed, Frid: 10am to 6pm, Saturday: Appt Only

Location: 4491 Bent Brothers Ste. F, Colorado City CO 81019

Person Interviewed: David W. Chartrand BC-HIS

Q: Why do you do that thing you do?

A: So many years in to the making of what we do at the Hearing Lab. I started in the manufacturing of Hearing Aids back in the 90's which developed a unstoppable skill set of increasing the Quality of Hearing with Sound & Electronics. Since then I have been involved with many other facets of developing my own manufacturing of Acoustic Couplers which is the foundation of the finest most accurate natural Hearing possible. Overall its a passion that drives me to give the very best to those who value there Hearing Health..

Q: Why do you that in the Greenhorn Valley, of all places?

A: I have lived in the Greenhorn Valley for 18 years and this is my community home. Most of my patrons are from all over the states and don't mind the trip to such a beautiful back drop of Mountain scenery. 

Q: What is something most people don’t know about your business/product?

A: I spend a minimum of 4-5 hours of Lab time working on a customized set of Hearing Instruments before they ever land in there Ears. I use many tools not standard in the industry to calibrate each Instrument Chipset to each person’s unique Hearing environments for best results. On average I will spend over 24 accumulative hours of time within a 6-8 week period making sure each patron gets everything they need to Hear there best.

Q: What is the thing you are most proud about your company/product?

A: I work with some of the best people and manufactured products in the industry.  Without all the integral parts and pieces of what I do along with the incredible products I use it would not be possible. Most importantly, if it were not for my wonderful patrons who trust in me to provide the results I do, all is for not.. 

Bonus Info:

*"The estimated Age one might have H-loss is:

-57% at Birth,

-11% 0 to 20yrs old, 

-18% 20 to 50yrs old,

-14%‎ 50 & up. " (show the pie chart)

*Consensus of Unaided to Aided Hearing Population:

Category of Hearing Loss /Aided (have one)/Unaided (need a H-aid):

- Pro-Found: 90% - 10%

- Severe Loss: 70% - 30%

- Mod/Severe: 50% - 50%

- Moderate Loss: 30% - 70%

- Mild hearing loss: 10% - 90%‎