Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus Hearing Assessment focuses on your Hearing Loss and Related Contributors. An audible constant Ringing or Buzzing or Hissing are common warning signs of one who suffers from Tinnitus aka "Hearing Pain". This assessment goes deep into all 3 contributors of your Tinnitus conditions to reveal details that maybe making your situation worse and how to manage it, etc

5 Level Hearing Evaluation

* 5 Level Evaluation: If the Hearing Screening reveals abnormal hearing we may continue evaluating all 3 Testing methods to pursue a Fitting of Hearing Instruments which Includes; Case History (15.value), Visual TM Inspection (20.value), Cochlea Testing (55.value), Aided & Unaided Speech Test (35.value) and Personalized Audio Chart (25.value)= Total 147.value

Mobile Hearing Lab

Mobile Hearing Lab: If you can't come to me I can come to you, now introducing my miniature fully equipped version of the full size Lab. I can provide all of my services A to Z in this mobile facility. Depending on where you are the minimum transport cost is 65.00 for the first 20miles then add 3.00 per mile.