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Knowledge is Power especially when it comes to Health; your Health is your Wealth. There are many factors to our Health and we are all unique however the number #1 factor is what we Eat, Drink, and Breath. As most of us eat the readily available and conveniently packaged food from our grocery stores note that it is commonly subject to Genetically Modification (Genes Altered), Irradiated or Processed (Nutrition destroyed), Injected with Steroid’s and/or Anti-Biotic and Sprayed with Toxic Chemicals (loaded with Glyphosates). More specifically we are not eating what our Creator intended which is whole clean Naturally Produced foods. Let’s not forget about all the chemical laden Gut Bacteria Killers found in soaps, tooth paste, mouth rinses, tap water, sanitizers, etc that can reduce our ability to absorb our food. The common results are Poor Absorption and Reduced Nutrition Value which intern reduces our healthy independent life expectancy to an average age of 78.9 (The United States ranks #35 out of 184 countries: Wikipedia). That may not sound too bad however lets not forget the details of last 20 years of our life is forced to use Medical Services to stay Alive. If things get really bad you could end up in miserable Assistive Living facility where you are forced to eat there food and take drugs till your death.. 

The fact is most of us that are still eating the standard American diet and is likely to end up some type of debilitating degenerative condition by age 50. As we treat our bodies this way for many years eventually the harmful side effects of our over processed or contaminated Air/Water/Food will create some type of chaos and havoc with our internal processes resulting in abnormal cell growth & organ dysfunction resulting in a health crisis such as Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Kidnely Disease, Rotting Teeth, Arthritis, and all other of Auto-Immune disorders. Or another way to look at it is if the Air/Water/Food you take in requires more energy to process than it provides we need to rethink what we are doing for our future. Since many of us cannot produce or grow your own food using natural Poly culture farming methods like our Creator intended we need to supplement our food. Not just one a day rather one a meal taken with our food to ensure we are getting all the Nutrients for proper body function and normal cell growth. Beware there many different grades and types of supplements, always go for food form, no synthetics. 

Before we start taking supplements I want you to think about what your body is going through. From the beginning we have been programmed with so much misleading propaganda as to what is healthy and unhealthy. Generation after generation many food and dietary habits are formed at early ages from our parents. Much of our current generation has never experienced optimal Health due to the hereditary cycle of poor Gut Health (refer to book “Gut & Psychology Syndrome”). Since there is way more to the story that I could not possible cover so I suggest you learn all you can from resources below. So there is a strategy to how and when you should supplement with proportionate meals with out over eating at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We must Self-Educate to understand our individual body’s needs and the Food or Poison we feed ourselves. We need to start Listening to our Body and the GUT (our 2nd brain) using a Food Journal and record how we feel after taking in Foods, Medicines or Supplements to measure its effects. . Food Journaling is basically recording what you are eating and how you feel 3 to 6 hours after you eat it, more specifically try to isolate the different foods rather than eat the typical blend of foods, think of it as a chemistry experiment and your stomach is the beaker (stomach acid + food ingredients). When we feel Pain or Loss of Energy for example is like our internal check engine light which is telling us something is wrong about the effects of the water, food, and air we are taking in. (see top 7 points below)

1. Filtered Air, since it is difficult to know just exactly what we breathe we should be aware of the effects of Poor Air quality
and Contaminants that can also directly affect our health, internet search Inorganic Compounds & Toxic Particles.

2. Pure Water from a Distiller or Reverse Osmosis filter system or Trusted Bulk Water Supply like Deep Rock (Stay Away
from Stored Bottled Water & Chemically Treated Tap water to avoid chemicals and contaminants)

3. Nurturing Food, there are 3 categories of food: Healing, Neutral, & Toxic. (Using dietary clues from your food journal,
and also reference the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" books for a more in-depth understanding.)

4. Supplementing Food (taken with each meal), guarantees the Essential Nutrients are in the food for proper body processes

5. Avoid Chemical additives; Aspartame (artificial sweetener), Fluoride (toothpaste), Monosodium Glutamate (neuro-toxin)

6. Avoid GMO "Genetically Modified Organism" Foods: CORN, SOY, All Oils except Coconut & Olive or are not labeled
Organic. Note: High Fructose Corn Syrup or Fructose (a byproduct of GMO Corn).

7. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours Sleep as this is the most Crucial Time our Bodies Rejuvenate aka (Repair & Rebuild).

Note: Not all Supplement Strategies work the same for every person as we are all unique and may require different strategies, foods and supplements due to our body’s unique needs. If you are already experiencing abnormal symptom’s and have not been successful with provided strategies then you may need a Gut reset, refer to book “Gut & Psychology Syndrome” or “Vegeterians Explained” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride or search online for her videos. Other resources to explore on the Internet search or Books to read are: “How to Get Your Health Back” Max Chartrand Ph.D, and “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Dr. Joel Wallack.

***Electrolyte Recipe: 16-20oz Water, 1 tsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 tsp Lime Juice, 1/16-1/8 tsp of Himalayan Salt,
Add honey or Stevia (for those with blood sugar issues) to taste.

Sincerely, David Chartrand BC-HIS

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