The Hearing Aid Lab Story

With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and repair of hearing aids, including fabrication of custom earmolds and ear protection devices, our service offers a unique and needed opportunity for those with hearing loss to obtain the finest instrumentation and the strong services and aftercare needed to help you hear your very best at the lowest possible cost. A complete service, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region, Hearing Aid Lab is a standout among its peers. Call or come in today and see what we have to make your life and health and happiness better!

Full Hearing Service & Lab:

+ Hearing Testing
+ Video Ear Inspection
+ Mobile Test Lab Service
+ Micro Service Lab
+ Live Sound Field
+ Mold Manufacturing
+ HD Sound Products
+ Serving Ears Since 1993

Your one stop Hearing shop, our technical staff has over 20 years experience. You have questions and we have the answers. Knowledge is power, understanding your hearing needs is our goal. No case is the same so don't settle for just any typical service, let us help you hear more and spend less, this way everyone is a winner!!