Insurance Coverage

                      Insurance, what kind of Hearing Benefit do you have,


  Over the last five years Hearing Health coverage has been becoming more popular as we become a more informed public learning the fates of uncorrected Hearing Loss.  In the Health Care Market there are more Plans available that claim Hearing benefits but there are usually some strings attached.  Fore your understanding we have categorized the 3 different types of Hearing Benefits here..

Hearing Discount Program:   A Hearing Discount Plan may have negotiated discounts with specific contracted provider referred to as the “MediGap” coverage. This means that you must purchase from a specific Hearing provider in order to get a specified discount (for example, 20%) off the retail price like a coupon.  Another option might require you buy the products and they provide the care. For example “HI Health Innovations” which you have to drive to Denver or possibly Colorado Springs to receive care. This option usually requires you to purchase a 16yr old universal fit technology (you pay 495.ea) and get one free service visit. This is the most common benefit that does not really pay for anything not to mention the lower quality products and limited services.

Contract Provider Program:  This 3rd Party Hearing Plan may give you an allowance toward hearing aids if you purchase from a specific 3rd Party Hearing Product Supplier that manages the Sales and Services of various Local Hearing Providers. An allowance is a specified amount that is subtracted from the total purchase price. For example, if the cost of a pair of instruments is $4,000 and your health plan has a $1,500 allowance; your out-of-pocket cost would be $2,500. This particular program is much better than the first option however the higher quality products are priced accordingly so it’s a numbers game making you feel like it’s a good deal but is it really? Overall you do get at least 4 service visits and access to all the current technologies available.

Hearing Aid Coverage: An actual Hearing Health Plan (rare) that will pay a specified amount toward the purchase of Hearing Instruments, like $500 or $1,000. This amount may be allowed toward the entire hearing aid purchase (whether one aid or two aids are purchased), or the amount may be allowed per ear. The benefit may renew after a given number of years, usually 3 to 5 years.

  After working in the Hearing Industry for over 27 years I have witnessed how each of these programs play out. In reality many patrons with one of the above mentioned Hearing Aid benefits were not able to get what they needed due to the high cost of better coverage or finances combined. For most of those that were able to use the Programs 1 & 2 settled for lower end products and still ended up paying in 1K to 2K for fitment of Hearing Aids with bare minimum services.  So this intern drove me to my current business model that speaks for its self “Hear More Pay Less”.  Whether you have a benefit or not we have figured out a way to provide you more affordable Hearing Care and eliminated the need to rely on the higher cost Insurance Products. For example, our most popular 2.0 (11-Channel Wireless) Instrument Technology runs as low as 1095.each while other competitors may charge your 1695.each for the same technology. That ‘s a 600x2 dollar difference or a savings of over 40% on the same high quality product so you can avoid  the hassle and paperwork using the No. 1 or 2  Insurance Options mentioned above.  Now if you have the No. 3 Insurance benefit, congratulations, we can help you receive your benefit. As a part of my business model to keep the cost down I do not make claims or submit requests from your Insurance Company. You will need call to get your specific benefit details and bring those with you. In short I can provide you all the supporting legal documents you may need to make a claim to get reimbursement. Your Insurance Company is typically more attentive and timely serving the Insured beneficiary rather a 3rd party provider.   So call (719) 582-6425 for a Insurance specific consultation or Hearing Evaluation..